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Best of … Bored at Lamont

Filed under: Adia, Best of, Blogging, Bored at Lamont, Celebrity — Elle November 21, 2006 @ 5:47 am

After a discussion about over dinner at Tanjore, Adia sent me the following message via Facebook …

Nov 20, 2006 at 8:22 pm

From: ***** *********
To: Lena Chen
Subject: teehee
apparently you discovered micronesia, let the dogs out, and circumcised a canadian. all in a day’s work!

Since I am a fan of pointless attention-whoring lists, here are related gems from

i heard lena chen is the inspiration for anchorman
lena chen helped me with my groceries once
lena chen is like santa claus she comes once a year
lena chen let the dogs out
Lena Chen discovered micronesia
lena chen circumnavigated the world
lena chen can’t talk about fight club but she can talk about her menstrual cycle
lena chen visited the virgin islands they are the whore islands
god you people are making lena chen into the new chuck norris
Lena Chen insipired me to create a new anal sex position
lena chen had sex with chuck norris and survived to blog about it
lena chen is going to blog about this in 15 minutes

6 Responses to “Best of … Bored at Lamont”

  1. ElCuervo Says:

    I’m 30, I have a management job for one of the top companies in the world (at least for the industry) and I have to admit that the damn Chuck Norris jokes make me laugh like a retard! So feel proud that you are reaching that level.

    Since Lena Chen will come to New York in a week David Blane decided to change the date of his stunt. A guy suspended 5 stories high in Times Square is not match to the attention that Lena Chen will get!!!

  2. Kat Says:

    I just read your “I Quit” post and the long string of comments that followed it. I hope you’re feeling at least a little better by now. What really matters is not the silly opinions of a few people who don’t know you outside of your blog, but the depth of your talent. They’re jealous of something, whether your writing ability or even just your honesty with yourself about who you are and what you want.

    Also, I’m in the process of responding to your email–I would love to meet up while you’re in NYC this weekend.

  3.  Says:

    my baby don’t mess around
    because she loves me so
    and this I know for shooooo

  4. Infornographer Says:

    …how do you breathe?

  5. Marco Says:

    You know what?
    Take the best out of it.
    I’d pick the best of them, publish a book and (hopefully) earn enough money to start my own company.
    If anything, you could have some good laughs with your friends.

  6. J Says:

    What are your thoughts on the recent evolution of into an anonymous hook-up attempt site? Isn’t it a bit sketch?

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