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Paved with Good Intentions

Filed under: Kyle, Men, Sex — Elle December 19, 2006 @ 7:10 am

The first part to the series on Kyle.

I’ve never been a good girl, but I’ve got my limits when it comes to being bad. Besides trans fat and anal sex, there’s a fair number of items on my never-ever list. With a certain new hookup, however, the boundaries blur. For the past several weeks, Kyle has been pushing my buttons (and a few body parts) and I’ve been throwing all my rules out the window as this illicit relationship has escalated. Maybe it’s because this bad boy’s proven to be an irresistably good lay; maybe it’s because he’s an admitted asshole whose self-awareness is more endearing than loathsome. But I have a hunch that it’s more than that. Both my sexual and intellectual match, he’s hardly intimidated by my reputation. That’s not only a rarity nowadays, but a turn-on.

As such, there are things I let slide with Kyle that no one else would get away with. For example, text messaging me at three in the morning expecting to get ass. But I find it impossible to refuse his company if only because I can’t wait to hear the lines he’ll use this time.

“So what are you doing here?” I asked him two weekends ago. “I have a big crush on you,” he slyly responded. It’s retorts like these that make it difficult for me to turn him down. I can’t quite call him charming but I can’t accuse him of sleaziness either. He’s somewhere in between — smooth and smug with a smirk to match. Our banter and foreplay is like one elaborate inside joke. Kyle knows how to handle me so that I never feel like I’m giving in or letting him win. I know that even though I can drive, I prefer handing him the keys and enjoying the ride.

The first time we hooked up was after our second meeting, when I pegged him as a potential candidate for a friend. Since he was just a degree removed from someone I fucked, Kyle was unfathomable as a hookup and never even made it onto my own radar. He might as well have been gay, which is probably why I let myself act unabashedly flirtatious around him. I leaned into him while I laughed, returned his mischievious glances, and whispered comebacks with my cheek against his. As we drank, danced, and partied among mutual friends, it didn’t occur to me that this attractive, smart-mouthed stranger could end up in my own bed.

Behind his shoulders, I saw Rena mouthing a distinct “NO” when she noticed our shameless behavior. Around me, my pals were raising their eyebrows in a similarly disapproving fashion. They were mistaken, I thought. As rash as I am, Kyle’s associations simply ruled him out as sex material, which was precisely why I let myself put on a show. Even I had better judgment than to act on that sort of impulse. Besides, I already had plans in mind for setting him up with someone. Kyle, however, had different plans …

12 Responses to “Paved with Good Intentions”

  1. Curious Says:

    whatever happened to smoker boi?

  2. anonymouse Says:

    it’s incredibly silly to have a never-ever list - other than one comprised exclusively of items whose one-time risk to your well-being outweighs their potential pleasure.

  3. Jes Says:

    No anal sex, hon? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it…

    And of course, if you try it and it’s absolutely Not For You, than you by all means shouldn’t do it.

  4. Elle Says:

    1. Smoker Boy, alas, appears uninterested.
    2. I do not actually have a never-ever list, nor do I expect my friends to buy me trinkets from Tiffany’s for Christmas.
    3. Been there, done that. Moooving on.

  5. Ny Says:

    Throwing out rules. Unhealthy, no?

  6. Indiana Says:

    You play with fire, my fine friend. And you’re bound to get burned, sooner rather than later in all probability. You know where I’m coming from on this. Please, learn from my mistakes…

    On a lighter note. Thank you for the Christmas gift. It’s hillariously wonderful. :)

  7. Sam Says:

    I like the new banner photo! Classy.

  8. Sex and the Ivy » The Road to Hell Says:

    [...] Despite my best intentions (see previous entry), it was my bedroom Kyle showed up in at the end of the night. He had text messaged me a few hours after the party ended, asking after my whereabouts before eventually stopping by. At this point, I was still determined to pair him up with an appropriate gal pal. Since we hit it off earlier, I thought a late-night conversation might let me better gauge compatibility. Besides, my night had been uneventful save for our colorful meeting and I was always up for entertaining company in the wee hours of morn. [...]

  9. Alum Says:

    You really want a sex blog to show up under your name, Lena? Is that a cry for help, or what?

    Google \”Jessica Cutler\” to see where you\’ll be in a ten years. The only thing going up your butt will likely be lawsuits.

  10. Sex and the Ivy » Purgatory Says:

    [...] I had to give him credit. He knew what to say and how to say it. While most guys didn’t know what to do with girls in general (much more me), Kyle turned a typical compliment about my looks into an indirect salute to my confidence. He could tell I wasn’t the sort of girl who fell for lines. I could tell that he wasn’t the sort of guy I could play games with. It was a good thing circumstances made our pairing a forbidden one. [...]

  11. Sex and the Ivy » Forbidden Fruit is in Season Says:

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  12. Heaven Says:

    hun dont worry about the haters, they just wanna be in ur shoes. go ahead and get him good! ;)

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