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Quotables: Matryoshka Doll

Filed under: Quotables, Summer Guy — Elle December 29, 2006 @ 12:22 am

Summer Guy: You are like a big puzzle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a “What the fuck?”
Me: Wow, that was like perfect material for the blog.
Summer Guy: Damn it.

3 Responses to “Quotables: Matryoshka Doll”

  1. Ilyana Says:

    Someone said that to me once…..well, ok. Not exactly,lol

  2. Drew Says:

    He just added a WTF to a simpsons quote about Nelson. That’s not very original.

  3. hanh Says:

    for a harvard blog with harvard readers, i find it surprising that no one picked up on the fact that he was trying to quote an extremely famous winston churchill quote in regards to russia. wow. the simpsons? really? that’s your contextual cue?

    p.s. this is not to hate on you lena, but rather your readers–i find what you write to be rather liberating given that you’re an asian. as an asian, i totally love the NON-fobby way you approach sex and life in general. kudos. although…you really SHOULD have picked up on the quote ;)

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