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Sex and the Ivy: Best Sex Blog Finalist

Filed under: Blogging, News — Elle January 17, 2007 @ 4:44 am

Great news, blogosphere! Yours truly has been nominated for Best Sex Blog, Best Female Sex Blog, and Sexiest Sex Blogger in the 2006 Sex Blog Awards. Much thanks to my readers for rocking the vote! Who knew people actually listened to my self-promotional bullshit?

Winner of Best Sex Blog appears on Playboy Radio so click here to vote on the finalists. (Not that my “ingratiating” voice hasn’t already graced the airwaves…)

To showcase my erotica chops, here’s a “Best of Sex” on Sex and the Ivy:
Lead Me Not To Temptation
Giving It My All
Saying Yes Was Never So Easy

To showcase my assets, this picture has been taken just for the occasion — must prove that I’m not hideous after all. Do you see the amount of Crimson in this photo? I’m so full of school spirit I could burst.

I think Playboy recognition of the Ivy League is long overdue. No offense to the Rhodes Scholars out there, but isn’t it time one of us won an award that’s actually interesting? And wouldn’t a sex blogger be the best ambassador of Harvard?

12 Responses to “Sex and the Ivy: Best Sex Blog Finalist”

  1. . Says:

    Voting link isn’t working.

  2. Bird Says:

    ^To vote scroll down and press the image…

    I must say, while when I initially heard of this blog I was a bit horrified (as a WASP any outright display of affection-let alone sex-is scary stuff) but upon reading some of your entries I actually like you and your writing =)

    Keep at it!

  3. the Yearning Heart Says:

    Voted for you. You’re brilliant, and sexy, and quite hilarious. I wish I were. Keep blogging; so much to say to you and I can’t.

  4. Moonglass Fantasy from Outer Space Says:

    My Darling,

    As a Rhodes scholar, I would just like to say that my pinky finger has completed more interesting feats than your wizard sleeve vagina.

    Perhaps you could do this blog a favor by actually writing about sex instead of the random events in your life that showcase your rampant egomaniac tendencies. Yes, we know you have a problem with your own self-image, which is why you use this thing (blog, sex, etc.) as a veil or even healing process–like a sports car hides a small dick. But for a blog about sex, tell me, where is the sex?

    Furthermore, you insult Harvard in a previous entry, saying it is a “waste” of you. Yet, now you pretend you have school spirit. Maybe it was meant as a joke. Maybe it seemed like the right time to parade around in a slutty outfit. Or maybe I just find you kind of annoying. Do you like Harvard or don’t you? Pick a side. Also, I have seen some pretty pictures of you. But this does not fall into that category.

    That is all.
    Carry on, little miss.

  5. Elle Says:

    My dear,

    For a Rhodes scholar, you have entirely too much time on your hands.

    Perhaps you could do us all a favor by curing cancer instead of reading my blog. Yes, we know your self-importance is staggering, which is why you bother to leave a comment. But for someone so clearly above me, tell me, why do you care?

    Furthermore, you take everything I say too seriously. Maybe you don’t understand sarcasm. Maybe you need to develop a sense of humor in England. Or maybe I just find you kind of obnoxious. Did you take my dig toward Rhodes Scholars a bit too personally? No doubt. Also, I obviously give a damn about how attractive you find me. I’ll file your thoughts about my appearance under the “Bitter and Bitchy” section of hate mail.

    That is all.
    Carry on, little geek.

  6. Madison Says:

    Wow Elle, I wonder what must have happened to you to make you such a completely bitter person. The scathing rhetoric really undermines any significant point that you’re trying to make…

  7. ilyana Says:

    I’ll never see the reason that people feel the need to say mean things…..


  8. Confused Says:

    I tend to agree with Moonglass Fantasy.

    This blog gets a little publicity and suddenly becomes Narcissist and the Ivy? Where’d all the sex go?

  9. Popular vote Says:

    If that picture is of you, then you are rather unattractive.

  10. James Says:

    Fuck ‘em, you look very pretty :)

  11. Alisha Says:

    I must say, even without the very interesting topics of choice, you have wonderful writing and that outshines whatever the subject may be.

    You’re very daring, articulate, and I hope to write as well as you.

  12. Legato Says:

    5/10, keep it up!

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