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Quickies: Penn-ing An Update

Filed under: Academics, Blogging, CollegeHumor, Eric, Jessica, Philadelphia, Ry, Sam, Summer Guy, Writing — Elle January 29, 2007 @ 4:43 am

* Enjoying my last couple days in Philadelphia, where I’m staying with le sexy Jessica Gold Haralson (see right) and hanging with all the cool kids at Penn. Hot student journalist Eric Obenzinger told me that ever since I linked to his Facebook profile, the page has skyrocketed in Google searches. Ladies, friend him.

* Just got nominated for the 2007 Bloggies as a finalist for Best Teen Weblog. Show your love by submitting a vote! And if you haven’t voted for the Sex Blog Awards yet, click on the graphic on my sidebar. Both end Thursday!

* Suffering through a severe case of writer’s block. Been trying to finish two freelance assignments for the past month and have gotten nowhere. My first CollegeHumor piece (still to-be-written) debuts in a week. I’m also toying with the idea of submitting for “In Their Own Words”, a production put on by Harvard’s Women’s Center. Waiting for a creative breakthrough, perhaps in the form of …

* An intercession fling in Philly! Sam, who I met this weekend, is unconventional but a sweetheart … exactly what I need to cure mid-winter monotomy. Thanks to Jess and him, I’ll carry fond memories of Penn: great dessert with the former (love the bitter chocolate gelato at Capogiro) and fantastic sex with the latter (love, well …) I’ll write the full chronicle of my New York/Philadelphia adventures when I return to Boston.

* In addition to shopping classes, next week will be devoted to getting my ass in line. Pending are uncompleted work-study forms, multiple internship deadlines, and a yet-to-be-scheduled pre-screening for group therapy.

* FemSex information sessions kick off this week. I’m so there!

* I hear it’s twenty below freezing back on campus. Better warm up soon, if not for my arrival, then for the arrival of my favorite man I love to hate. Summer Guy may be paying a visit to Boston, Massachusetts in the next month or so. Details tk.

* And in lieu of a male conquest, here’s a snapshot of five-month-old baby, Dash — the first male face to appear on the blog! He accompanied his father, Ryan, to our (platonic) coffee date last Saturday in Union Square. I peg him as a future heartbreaker.

7 Responses to “Quickies: Penn-ing An Update”

  1. Curious Says:

    Sam, eh? I thought you were being celibate!!!

    You li’l minx! :)

  2. Pennabelle Says:

    Well maybe “Sam” works for you but i’m after Eric himself. thank you for the tip! i never thought of gingers as attractive before, but you have good taste. i’m friending him!

  3. Penn reader Says:

    Glad you’re enjoying our campus and our city! Ain’t Philly a great town? :-)

  4. Nora Says:

    say hello to jess for me.

  5. Sam Says:

    :-) from the man himself.

  6. Ruby J. Says:

    You should definitely submit for In Their Own Words, if you haven’t yet! Deadline’s on Friday…

  7. Stupid is The New Awesome » Blog Archive » ‘Round the ‘net Says:

    [...] I’m sitting on my hands, waiting to get ahold of enough video equipment to shoot the next Baby Was Harmed shorts. Until I get a little money together, there’s a daisy-chain of borrowing, where one friend borrows a camera, from whom I then borrow the camera. Not the most convenient model when trying to capitalize on internet momentum. Anyway, in the mean time, I remembered that these vids weren’t really my son’s online debut. That happened in January, over at the funny and usually nsfw (I guess this wordpress blog is really his debut, going alllll the way back to november.) [...]

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