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Quotables: We’re Theology Majors

Filed under: Columbia, Quotables — Elle January 29, 2007 @ 3:38 pm

Overheard at Columbia University …

College Guy 1: “Dude, I’m Jewish.”

College Guy 2: “Man, you killed my god.”

College Guy 1: “Hahaha, yeah … we did.”

College Guy 2: “Yo, but we got you back!”

6 Responses to “Quotables: We’re Theology Majors”

  1. Drew Says:

    Ugh, People are so stupid.

  2. Diane Says:

    Found your blog thru the bloggy awards. Great blog.

    You utterly, completely personify my alter ego/evil twin that fights w/ me daily to escape the confines my world has forced me into.

    I’m glad at least one of us are free. Enjoy.

  3. Real Truther Says:

    I thought Nietszche killed God… or was he just the one who found the body? Hey Elle, you’re Asian–you should know this–how did Buddha die? I would think he was much too heavy to crucify, as he would proabaly quickly become detached–HAHAHA… well anyway, was it his heart? Cancer? Was he eaten by a tiger? Help!

  4. Timmy Says:

    Elle - Great Blog, very fascinating stuff and as a theology major i find this post quite hilarious.

    Real Truther - Buddha’s death wasn’t as spectacular as being eaten by a tiger. Common theory is that he died of Food Poisoning.

  5. Real Truther Says:

    Whoa. As in food gone bad, or food tampered with? So, who had it in for Buddha I wonder? Musta been the Hindus. And you know what, I think Ganesh is a reasonable suspect. Couldn’t stand a challenge to his status as THE overweight deity worshipped by Indians.

  6. jasin Says:

    Lena you are very sexy! (I guess U no that) I’m sorry I didn’t read your blog. With my disease and all its kinda hard 2 read it. I have a bad case of ASIAN FEVER!!! lol I just wanted u to c this. I just like given shot out 2 HOT SEXY ASIAN WOMEN !!! (and ur smart stay sexy )

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