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Recap: NY to Mardi Gras at the Kong

Filed under: Adia, New York, Partying, Philadelphia, RKB, Sam — Elle February 21, 2007 @ 3:05 am

Reunited tonight with my favorite gal, Adia (not pictured — she doesn’t like cameras). Hurricanes, midnight snacks, and hot alums! Yay …

New York was both ridiculously great and ridiculously bad … all about the company.

* Thursday night, I checked into the New Yorker and spent the late night wandering Times Square with a Harvard ‘08er who held me steady in my ridiculous stiletto boots. Lessons learned: McDonald’s and porn are an unbeatable combo.

* On Friday, Sam came to the city and we found a cute hotel on 50th. Met up with his friends, had sushi for dinner, and made him order me embarassingly girly drinks. Spent a good portion of the evening observing and making fun of the other people (namely, the reeking-of-desperate men) at the bar in the W Hotel.

* Saturday was spent in Staten Island … which prompted JB to ask, “Why the hell did you decide to go to Jersey?”

* I devoted Sunday to a tour of the Whitney Museum, alongside the lovely Rachel Kramer Bussel. Among the exhibits were a single blinding light and a piano shattered to pieces with accompanying video tape of its destruction. Needless to say, I didn’t “get” it.

* Sunday night, I ended up in Philadelphia, where I stayed until Monday afternoon. Long story.

And now I’m home. For at least three weeks. I think. For the time being, I’ll have to rein in my wanderlust.

In other news, it’s officially Ash Wednesday and I’m giving up sex for Lent. Penance and all, you know? Or maybe I’m just waiting for someone worth it …

7 Responses to “Recap: NY to Mardi Gras at the Kong”

  1. MICHAEL Says:

    should use porn as tool for better sex.

  2. S Says:

    Where is the line drawn here, for ’sex’ ? Bill Clinton levels, or what.

  3. Jess Says:

    Thanks so much for staying in Philly… I appreciate it more than you know.


  4. Real Truther Says:

    Just wanted to say that Elle and I had our shrink appointments at the exact same time today–how cool is THAT? There I was checking in when I notice an Asian chick typing on a laptop in the waiting room. Is that? Nahhh, I thought. This is Harvard. Asian chicks with laptops waiting to see therapists are as common as false modesty. After trying unsuccessfully to get some water out of the empty bubbler (what if I had had to take a pill or something huh, UHS?) I sat to peruse an issue of Wired so as to resist my usual urge to stare at the other people while twitching nervously and whispering under my breath. Then, as I read an article about youtube and someone called lonleygirl15, someone comes out and says “Lena?” and I was like whoa! it’s HER! should I ask for an autograph? how funny would that be? or would it be awkward in front of her therapist? anyway I didn’t–she looked tired and worried enough as it was (the therapist–Elle looked quite serene and content.) So yeah, cool beans–a legitimate excuse to post here and shamelessly plug my website…

  5. Bird Says:

    i’m giving up dessert i imagine that will be difficult enough…

  6. T Says:

    If you ever want someone to hang out with, stay with, or just buy you a drink in New York, I’d love to meet you. I’m not creepy, I promise. I’m just a girl who enjoys reading your blog.

  7. yo yo Says:

    saw you in mather; you were pantsless

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