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Party Log: Casino Night @ Mather

Filed under: Adia, Aidan, Drinking, Mather, Matt, Nate, Partying — Elle February 24, 2007 @ 12:21 pm

Reader Poll: Despite the pseudonyms, do you guys know who the boys and girls of this blog are? Just wondering about the visibility of recurring characters like Adia, Terra, and JB.

No better way to spend Friday night than consuming large amounts of your least favorite alcohol. Call it an acquired taste, I just never got into tequila — though it still trumps whiskey (which I’ve never attempted again after an unfortunate post-graduation incident).But I digress. Let’s start from the top. Met up around nine with my favorite gal pal who was then denied entrance to Casino Night, a Mather-only event, so we naturally decided to drink alone. After taking Aidan’s martini back to my newly cleaned room for a “power half-hour”, we decided it was time for Crashing Events We Don’t Belong At: Take 2.

Success! Casino Night for the two of us included a “How many chips can you fit in your bra?” game with Matt as well as girl-on-girl action via an arm-wrestling challenge (we were manipulated by sick, sick men). Adia urged me to eat before I drank so I ate a handful of grapes in hopes that they would ferment during digestion. Between my outfit (nonexistent) and her liver (also nonexistent), we pretty much knew this night could only end in nasty hangovers and regrettable hookups. Possibly with each other.

So maybe not. But thanks to Mather golf (different drinks at every hole, i.e. dorm room), we did manage to get nice and drunk and make new BFFs — with boys too, because guys are totally the best drinking buddies. I’ve determined since last night that group drinking is an uber form of co-dependency. Sometime between my third and fourth tequila shot, Aidan stopped pouring drinks, looked me in the eye, and asked, “Lena, are you at your limit?” — a legitimate question considering the last time I golfed. I glanced at everyone else present, including the petite, susceptible-to-suggestion Adia. A dismissive, sober “no” later, and I was on shot number six. I knew I was going somewhere good even if my liver disagreed. Impromptu dance party ensued, Adia disappeared (as she often does), I flirted shamelessly with ‘09 boys (never happens when sober), and Nate made a surprise appearance an hour too late to regulate my ass.

Somehow, I ended in my bedroom, said a somewhat drunk hello to Sue, and heated up rice because it was the closest food in proximity. Adia came over to pick up her shit, I chatted with Matt for a few moments, and my night ended quite uneventfully save for a drunk dial from Summer Guy at 5 a.m. (Um, time difference, much?) Today I woke up with nary a regret. Well, maybe a couple, considering the secrets I spilled in my drunken state. But I’m hoping my conversation partners were too inebriated themselves to remember.

In conclusion, Friday night is what every night should be like for the next month: Adia, alcohol, and abstinence.

14 Responses to “Party Log: Casino Night @ Mather”

  1. dmr Says:

    who is Lena?

  2. Real Truther Says:

    who are any of us?

  3. KS Says:

    Not a clue, obv.

  4. Rody Says:

    I think I know who Terra is. Tricky pseudonym!

  5. Invicta Says:

    How do you want us to demonstrate we know who your friends are? By posting their real names?

  6. Drew Says:

    Tequila is gross. I do like whiskey though.

  7. JCoveney Says:

    No clue beyond their recurring nature.

  8. AMZB Says:

    I know some of them but not all.

  9. Thanks Says:

    I feel compelled to admit that I often dismiss your blog as pretty ridiculous, but last night you actually really helped me…the condom broke and I recalled seeing some info about the availability of Plan B in the Square. It was remarkably useful and thanks to your savvy, I was able to know exactly what my options were…definitely reduced the panic.

    Thank you!!

  10. Ardent Says:

    I’m just curious how the arm wrestling turned into a libidinous event.

    And I’m curious whether you enjoy sex if you are really drunk. Though I see you avoided it this time around.

    Keep up the blog. It’s terribly amusing.

  11. Ryan Says:

    I wrote one of the best papers of my life with a little bit of champagne and tequila.

  12. junior Says:

    i know who terra and adia are - it’s pretty obvious.

  13. Anon Says:

    jb. duh.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Terra and JB are completely obvious. CK too for that matter.

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