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Quotables: Two Halves of a Whole

Filed under: Adia, Quotables — Elle February 28, 2007 @ 5:23 pm

Adia [on Facebook]: “Remember the time you wore pants? I don’t.”

Me [on Facebook]: “Remember the time you were sober? I don’t.”

Adia [at lunch]: “Between the two of us, we have one pair of pants and one liver.”

4 Responses to “Quotables: Two Halves of a Whole”

  1. Rez Says:

    An apparent correlation between elle’s stated sexual abstinence and blog activity?

  2. sparkle Says:

    I followed a link on CollegeHumor to your site several hours ago, and I haven’t been able to stop reading since. I just read “A History of Depression” and wanted to leave you a note. Since I doubt you’d get it if I replied to that post, I hope you don’t mind me doing it here. You wrote “The truth is that I have never loved writing frivolous things. Sex blogs and dating columns are entertaining endeavors but what I have wanted most is to make a difference by putting into words what some people are unable or afraid to express for themselves.” Well, you already have done a great deal of that last part. I’ve battled with depression, addiction, and all sorts of other fun things during the past 19 years of my life, and writing has always been my only release. However, when my last bout of depression hit and I gave into taking meds, I lost my ability to write. Not only am I without the proper words to express myself, I’m almost without the feelings to express as well. For the first time in a long time, I have felt like someone understood me reading this blog. So in a way, you definatly have made a difference by putting into words what I haven’t been able to in years. So… thanks. A lot. (And PS- those guys on CollegeHumor are dumbasses. You’re not fat, not even close, and I find your contributions to that site wonderfully refreshing. Keep it up!)

  3. Drew Says:

    This one is actually really funny.

  4. M.T. Says:

    Even drunk at lunch? ‘Cause she meant kidneys, not the only one liver you’re born with, right?

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