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Color Me Corporate

Filed under: Work — Elle March 28, 2007 @ 7:05 pm

Funny fact: I’ve landed on the LGBT email list for practically every top investment bank and consulting firm.

I have to say from personal experience that queer networking events are about 20 times more fun and bearable than the general info sessions that feel like meatmarkets for Ivy League whores and their corporate johns. Even months after deciding to take the literary route, I’m still tempted to attend the events diversity recruiters invite me to. Their email notifications (recipient list suppressed, of course) conjure up images of intimate, not mass, gatherings where people are calm, collected, and fuck, even friendly.

Maybe it’s because the focus isn’t on the work at hand, but rather on the lifestyle and culture of the company. In that respect, the burden is on the employers, not the recruits, to sell themselves. So instead of on-the-spot job interviews, people engage in actual conversation. You know, like civilized folks. You probably won’t find too many of those at typical recruiting events which are almost always noisy, overcrowded pressure cookers where people go to develop inferiority complexes.

But regardless, both low-stress and high-stress recruiting lead to the same career. Gay or straight, these kids are still all working for the Man and damn do their souls go for a lot on auction. My peers’ six-figure salaries will beat my 20-grand-and-food-stamps freelance writing gameplan any day. And what do I have to show for it? Just a resume in which the word “sex” appears no less than five times and the word “quantitative” is permanently banned. Unless you’re offering me a corner office, I wouldn’t trade this for the world.

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  1. Jeff Says:

    Kinda funny how feeding the soul ranks way above feeding the body for us creative types, isn’t it?

  2. kermit Says:

    I highly doubt that freelancing will allow you to write what you want because you still have to cater to the requests of your publisher. So it’s whoring no matter which way you go. With the other option, at least you have the luxury of choice to pick the second option at some time in the future (or become the Man rather just work for him).

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