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Quotables: Better Than Ezra Cornell

Filed under: Quotables — Elle April 23, 2007 @ 10:58 pm

Me: “He’s an aspiring filmmaker who waits tables.”

Allie: “Standards, Lena. Standards!”

Me: “What are you talking about? He went to Brown!”

Allie: “Exactly.”

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  1. Brown Kid Says:

    lol, maybe one of us could do your high-strung self some good :-)

  2. Elle Says:

    Really not that high-strung. Maybe he’ll do Allie some good.

  3. MWR Says:

    “Brown is one of those parvenu schools.” - My Harvard roommate, circa 1986

    (On Dartmouth: “It would be like going to school at the D.U. They seemed never to have heard of mixed drinks.”)

    Do people even remember the D.U. at this point?

  4. Y Says:

    Harvard elitism and snobbery. Hilarious.

    I’m sure the Kennedys would be proud.

  5. MWR Says:

    That Kennedy comment is classic. Are you imagining that the Kennedy familydoes not represent a remarkable species of elitism and snobbery?

  6. Y Says:

    I’ve seen the “Hah-vahd” t-shirts in the campus bookstore.

    Maria marrying Arnold notwithstanding, I don’t imagine that the Kennedy family does not represent a “remarkable” species of elitism and snobbery.

    But I also know what JFK and RFK did to promote civil rights and one can only wonder how much more they would/could have done had they both not been assassinated.

    But we digress. I was simply responding to Allie’s remark, as I’m sure it echoes the sentiment of the vast majority of current Harvard undergrads. Elle, I do not count you among that particular breed, you always come off as being above that. I get how insular the Ivy is, it’s just comments like that which piss me off, mainly because I’m at a point in my life where I’ve lived enough to know that having an Ivy degree, or simply getting into one, doesn’t automatically make you anything, not a genius, or a better person, or even a better job candidate. POP THE BUBBLE.

  7. Liz Says:

    Haha … at my school, actually (U of M), we have t-shirts that say “Harvard: The Michigan of the East.”

    And I applied to Brown too, but sadly did not get in :(.

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