Sex and the Ivy


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Never had a chance to reveal the tattoo I got in January, so here’s a photo from tonight (taken right before Mather Lather). I’ll post the full chronicle of the inking adventure later on.

19 Responses to “Showoff”

  1. the Yearning Heart Says:

    Very nice - that’s an adorable dress!

  2. London Girl Says:

    Baby, that’s hot.

    Tattoo is nice too ;)

  3. Rody Says:

    Christ, Lena, put that thing away.

  4. Adia Says:

    Lena, you’re grounded.

  5. Mike Says:

    Best picture I’ve seen all day. What a nice bit of flesh you have there!

  6. john Says:

    Yeah, I can see you’re REALLY respecting yourself here… Are you surprised guys don’t wanna deal with you? Who wants their girlfriend all slutty on the web?

  7. The Fury Says:

    Very sexy spot for a tat. I agree on the nice dress…is it a dress or only a top? Either way they’re both cute.

  8. Darcy Says:

    I’m amused that so many people thinks that’s a dress

  9. unfashionista Says:

    I think that dress/top is super cute. I love the tatt, it’s freakin’ adorable. and yes i just said freakin’ :)

  10. Sam J Says:

    Tattoo doesn’t seem to exactly be the subject of the photo, :p hard to tell what it even is. A penguin? Obviously I’m deranged, I have no idea.

  11. MM Says:

    You look like a petulant four year old. After a truly touching post, this is a bit disappointing.

  12. le Says:

    girl, you can post whatever the fuck you want. the tat’s cute. i like that it’s simple.

  13. Drew Says:

    Hmm, that’s a really small tattoo. How long did it take, like thirty minutes? Sorry, I’m a tattoo snob.
    Regardless, I’d like to put my mouth on it.

  14. M Says:

    A penguin?! I believe it’s a claddagh.

  15. sindy Says:

    I’m sure money is tight for you these days. Why not get paid for all the slutting around you do? You can have your own sex site! I’m sure it would do well. Why not become an escort and get paid some real dollars?

    You cheapen yourself by not asking for money. Think about it. You’r doing all this for free?! You are going down that road anyway, why not take the money and run? Sex sells!

    Start today. No money, no fucky fucky.

  16. ask ketchem Says:

    I believe that is the pokemon Piplup, normally found in the Sinnoh region

  17. Marco Says:

    I’d bet it’s a heart, held by two hands on the sides, and a crown on top. What the hell might that mean, I don’t know, but it looks nice.

    I love what you are wearing: the white-dotted red top and the black underwear that perfectly matches with the top.

    It looks too short to be a dress, so I’d say it’s a top… quite unfortunate: you’d look great with a dress like that for the summer…
    Oh, whatever.. try to be happier, you look sad…

  18. anonymous Says:

    You really need to get more self-confidence. You’re obviously smart and talented, don’t think you need to show revealing pictures of yourself on the internet to get attention. You’re worth something!

    Hopefully you learn this sooner or later and stop, because in 10 years when you grow up a little you’ll be cringing when you see all of this.

  19. Irish? Says:

    It’s a claddagh. Why she has an Irish/celtic tattoo…I have no idea.

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