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My lack of blog entries over the past week can be attributed to end-of-the-year madness: partly because of late papers, mostly because of a backbreaking moveout from Mather.

Yesterday: Packing and moving from 10am to 8pm. No breaks for meals.

Today: More of the same from 11am to 5pm.

I like my dresses, makeup, and shiny objects like any gal, but I’m not exactly so high-maintanence that I’m above manual labor. I’m perfectly cool with carrying my own stuff. The problem is that I’m not actually physically capable of lifting all my luggage/furniture. That’s what guy friends are for. Unfortunately, by the time Sue and I got around to business, everyone we knew had already left campus.

I used to think that college students who hired movers were spoiled. (Hello, we’re young and robust!) Now I know better. Calling someone to get my shit out of a third-floor walkup and into a fourth-floor walkup six blocks away? More than worth $50.

So, I’m moving AGAIN on Tuesday. This time, several hundred miles to Manhattan for the summer. Can barely express my excitement about the next few months. I can’t believe sophomore year is officially done and I’ve left Mather for good (depending on how the inter-house transfer to Currier goes). In August, I turn 20. When the hell did this happen?

3 Responses to “Moveout”

  1. unfashionista Says:

    yayyyy, you got a place!

  2. elisha Says:

    oh. wow. i never put two and two together that you weren’t 21. i believe it’s because your writing style is so advanced that i just assumed you were older. good luck in manhattan!

  3. juli Says:

    you are a silly girl.

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