Sex and the Ivy


Filed under: Men — Elle June 29, 2007 @ 7:29 pm

Okay, really. No more guys with girlfriends. I can’t believe this is something I have to make a rule for, but it’s starting to get this is ridiculous.

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  1. Sam Jackson Says:

    What about boyfriends?

  2. Nabil Says:

    Some days…

    I’ve been on the flip side of this (no more girls with boyfriends). I have a theory: the reason we end up in these sorts of situations is because once someone is in a relationship, they stop trying to impress and are more likely to be themselves… which is more attractive anyway. They’re easier to approach or be approached by, because they’re just looking for conversation and camaraderie. The problem comes in because they a) don’t always communicate that out the gate, and b) if there is some mutual attraction there, that conversation and camaraderie can very quickly turn into a serious mess.

  3. Sam from Seattle Says:

    I started seeing a girl with a boyfriend, whom, in fact, she was about to marry. We became quick friends and then had a passionate affair. Then she went back to him. I somehow was convinced we were fated to be together, and hung in there, waited, suffered, and suffered some more (it was hell). Eventually she broke it off with him and, 9 years later, we are married and have 2 wonderful children.

  4. Rory Says:

    how about married guys? somewhat like sam, i had a short relationship with a woman who was married. it was fun, it was exciting, and although there was definitely a connection we both knew it wasn’t going to last, it was just a matter of one or the other figuring out when it was going to end. (she did it, but thank god.) it’s about communicating perspectives. and, even though i wouldn’t feel this way anyways, i didn’t feel skeezy because she wasn’t skeezy about the whole thing.

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