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A Few Things

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1. I just finished reading Ian McEwan’s “Atonement” a few moments ago and I’m in absolute shock and awe.

2. Summer Guy is staying with me in New York this week. Quite thrilled to see him again (we last spent time together when he visited me in Boston in April). I’m sure I’ll get quite nostalgic for California from being in his company.

3. I am now responsible for entertaining three (maybe four?) people in the city. If anyone has suggestions for non-touristy things to do, please share.

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  1. Frances Says:

    I don’t know if this is up your alley, but one of my favorite things to do in the city is wake up at like 4 AM and take pictures of Manhattan at dawn. It’s the only time there’s no traffic, so you can stand in the middle of like 5th ave with green lights and not get hurt. It’s certainly non-touristy, and it’s something your friends probably will not think of doing. Great idea if you go clubbing or something and are up at 4 am anyway.

  2. Isabel Says:

    I mean, Manhattan is a great place for walking, at least large parts of it. There are also a lot of super artsy cinemas that’ll be showing movies you can’t see in theaters in that many other places, many of them older movies, and as a bonus these places tend to serve actually good popcorn (with real butter sometimes too!) and other pricy-but-tasty treats (sitting in a comfy red velvet seat, watchig a crazy German silent movie, nibbling on a Toblerone, is a pretty damn good time, I can tell you). I can recommend firsthand Film Forum (the location of the above memory), the Angelica, and the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas on 63rd & Broadway (not to be confused with the Imax theater about five blocks up).

    There are also museums to visit–the big ones, of course, but also lots of smaller, weirder ones (there’s a tenement museum downtown, a transportation history museum, a museum of Hispanic culture, a museum of Native American culture… etc). I personally adore the Museum of Natural History, because I am a dork.

    Some people don’t like Central Park, but I think they are park snobs and can suck it.

    It’s the summer, so there are lots of events going on, many of which are (gasp) free–pick up a Time Out New York for some ideas of concerts or other events to check out, or put your google-fu to work.

    Hope that helped!

  3. j Says:

    try signing up for accomplice: nyc. i’m from the city and i did it; it’s definitely not touristy. it’s a cute little sightseeing mission where you have to deliver some stuff to different people around the city. it’s sort of a show because you have to meet different actors and give them stuff as you go along. they give you food and drinks too. it’s a great way to spend a few hours on a weekend. plus, you end in soho so we just did some heavy shopping afterwards.

    there are also a alot of great culinary walking tours you should check out. try

  4. Viviane Says:

    1. I like the Metropolitan Museum on Friday and Saturday evenings. It’s fun to have a drink on the 2nd floor, then wander the galleries slightly intoxicated.

    2. Dim sum

    3. On the East Side, walk the Promenade near the East River. It starts at 64th and York (look for the large ramp up), goes all the way up past 86th St. It’s noisy, cause you’re next to the FDR, but it’s got benches and it’s great for strolling. And you can wave to the party boats that go by.

    P.S. My site moved.

  5. M Says:

    Have you read any other Ian McEwan before? While I am a literary nerd, I have not but I know several people who attempted to or actually did read Saturday and were extremely disappointed. Just curious :)

    I hope you and Summer Guy have an awesome time together!

    I don’t know how you feel about comedy clubs but Comix is relatively new and therefore cheap and still draws some big names. And I don’t know if it qualifies as “touristy” or not, but I’ve been wanting to check out the Ripley’s museum, it’s supposed to be a blast (don’t let the fact that it’s smack in the middle of Times Square be a deterrent!). And while this is no Laser Floyd, it still seems pretty rad:

    If SG is here through the weekend, you should check out Coney Island. Huge tourist attraction? Of course, but this is its last summer.

    Can’t wait to read how it all goes.

  6. Jessica Says:

    Lena, I’m jealous! How do you find time to read?

  7. Bman Says:

    i just went through a bunch of your posts, you’re hilarious! i showed it to my friend and she thinks you are practically her twin haha.

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