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Current Loves

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1. Koo Sushi (though this has been a fave since I set foot in it my second day in Manhattan) — Really fresh fish and absolutely unbeatable prices. I’m no expert in anything but I know my sushi. My favorite roll is the Mexican roll, and my go-to meal is their bento box lunch special which comes with everything you could want for $7.50. You get a six-piece California roll, soup, salad, rice, two pieces of shumai, and an entree. If you ask for sashimi, they’ll give you nine pieces, three each of tuna, white tuna (I swap for yellowtail), and salmon. 142 W. Houston St. at MacDougal.

2. think coffee — After 7pm, they serve killer paninis and tomato basil soup. For a coffeehouse (fair trade, my bleeding hearts), they do a hell of a job in the kitchen. Free wifi. 248 Mercer St. at 3rd. Website.

3. Gramstand — Another wifi spot, this tiny tea place is tucked in an East Village block bordering Stuyvesant Town. Try the citrus berry; it’s sensational. 214 Avenue A at 13th. Website.


1. CK — My infatuation for my best gal can only deepen despite the fact that she recently pulled a Diddy and rechristened herself “Duckie”. Don’t even ask. I prefer to call her by her last name anyway. (It’s kind of our thing).

2. Summer Guy — He’s currently staying with me in the city. How could I not love someone who’s flown twice just to see me?

3. My boss and coworkers — Fabulous job, fabulous people. Kam said a few weeks ago, “Damn, we get along so well. Someone needs to get bitchslapped; this office needs some drama!” I offered to throw down. He withdrew his statement.


1. Frangelico Martinis — My new signature drink (I’ve retired Shirley Temple Vodkas). The perfect proportion of Frangelico to vodka (I hate gin) is 1:4 for a strong one; girlies can opt for 1:3 or even 1:2. I’m no purist, obviously. By the way, I have gotten back on the low-booze diet: wine, champagne, and occasional cocktails allowed. No beer, ever.

2. Beacon’s Closet — Pretty much where I’m spending my weekends. Very cheap thrift store with some really great finds if you’re willing to dig. I’ve scored cute dresses from Shoshanna, Betsey Johnson, and Alice + Olivia. Blowing a paycheck is totally less guilt-inducing if I can get multiple dresses out of one shopping trip. 88 N. 11th Street at Wythe (Get off at Bedford Ave stop on the L).

3. Henri Bendel — The other place I waste money. Their house label is 75 percent off at the moment. Grabbed a cute cashmere cardigan for a cool $80 yesterday. Tons of tops under $40. 712 5th Ave at 56th.

4. Musically-inclined Men — I apparently like ‘em again.

5. Boys in College — Yeah, these too.

6 Responses to “Current Loves”

  1. The Bee Says:

    First of all:

    Lena, you crazy bitch, look what you made me do:

    2) paninis are my fucking jamboree so I will be at think coffee TODAY, wallet in hand. But you should also check out Gizzi and Joes. They are dandy little coffee places.

    3) Frangelico Martinis? Not in a million years. I can’t even fathom the hangover.

    4) I can/should assist with office drama. Maybe. :)

    5) I don’t care what kind of sale Henri Bendel is having. 30 seconds around those UES whack-jobs and I seriously lose my shit.

    Ok. That’s all for now.

  2. emily Says:

    Oooh, I love Think Coffee. You should try Atlas at 2nd Ave between 4th and 5th — it’s my favorite cafe. Mostly vegan (but try the smoked salmon baguette), with amazing desserts (try the frozen yogurt).

  3. Jessica Says:

    @ the Bee — don’t knock Frangelico until you tried it. Lena made me quaff one the other day and it was HEAVEN. Like an orgasm you can taste!

  4. M Says:

    In reference to Etc., Point #3, does one simply order a Frangelico martini or is it necessary to specify Frangelico vodka martini (so as to differentiate from gin, as you mentioned)?

    The more I think about it, the more I want to try one!

  5. M Says:

    And by Point #3, I clearly meant Point #1…

  6. Elle Says:

    I usually specify exactly what I want because it’s not a common drink. Can’t imagine someone mixing gin and Frangelico though.

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