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Dinner: An AIM Conversation

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7:23:00 PM Lena: can you do me a favor
7:23:07 PM Sue: hrm?
7:23:11 PM Lena: i cant order food bc i have no phone :(
7:23:29 PM Sue: lol
7:23:47 PM Lena: dont laugh this is serious!! can you call this sushi place (212) 505-3348 and ask if they deliver to tribeca
7:24:02 PM Sue: i’m calling a sushi place across the country
7:24:07 PM Lena: yes you are
7:24:54 PM Sue: always remember that
7:25:08 PM Lena: hehe
7:25:57 PM Sue: what’s the address
7:26:02 PM Lena: ——– street. cross street is broadway.
7:26:13 PM Lena: i want a dragon roll and two spicy yellowtail crunch rolls
7:26:33 PM Sue: apartment number?
7:26:37 PM Lena: my APT is —
7:26:51 PM Sue: anythign else?
7:26:54 PM Lena: er WAIT, make it one spicy yellowtail handroll
7:27:06 PM Sue: omg
7:27:06 PM Lena: and one spicy SALMON crunch roll
7:27:10 PM Lena: WAIT WAIT WAIT dragon roll
7:27:18 PM Sue: LENA
7:27:20 PM Lena:, spicy yellowtail crunch handroll
7:27:25 PM Lena: and spicy salmon crunch roll
7:27:27 PM Lena: THATS IT
7:27:29 PM Lena: AHHHHH
7:27:33 PM Lena: sorry
7:27:44 PM Lena: i love you
7:27:45 PM Lena: REALLY. i love you.
7:27:52 PM Lena: sue?
7:27:57 PM Lena: did you order my sushi?
7:27:58 PM Sue: ….
7:28:03 PM Sue: i’m going to hurt you

8:11:09 PM Lena: okay ummm
8:11:17 PM Lena: what if i needed you to call a guy i’m supposed to have date with?
8:11:25 PM Sue: ….
8:11:27 PM Sue: drawing the line

On The Way Out

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Currently sitting in a too-nice, too-expensive Tribeca studio, where I’m temporarily crashing post-Long Island. Cece left this morning at dawn and I’m following suit tomorrow at 4:30pm, flying from JFK to Long Beach.

It’s been a pretty fantastic 13 weeks — I’ll wax nostalgic once I’m near the Pacific again. In the meantime, I’m spending my last 24 hours doing a few of my favorite things: shopping at Henri Bendel and Beacon’s Closet, having sushi for dinner, boozing (of course), brunching with Jules, and … taking care of my new piercings. Ended up getting two out of five — decided to skip getting second lobe piercings.

Estimated time of arrival to my dearly beloved California is 7:30pm PST. For now … peace, kids. I’m going shopping.

My Cell Phone Died

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Or more accurately, I killed it … by dropping the damn thing into the foot basin during my pedicure today. I tried blowdrying it, but I wasn’t as lucky as CK’s boyfriend who salvaged my Powerbook frosh year with that method. And I have Verizon so I can’t just pop the SIM card into a new phone.

This is terrible timing, especially considering the number of people I’m supposed to see before I leave the city on Saturday. I’ve already missed three text messages, two phone calls, and one date because of my phone. Eep!

For those trying to get in touch, please email or IM me. I’ll be on a new phone (and in California) by Sunday.

On the bright side, my toes look cute?

Last Week in New York

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This is a sort-of schedule for my final week in the city. If you’re in the city and we haven’t yet met up, email/call me! I’m dropping a few absentee friends a note tonight.

Cleaning and packing
“Sex and the City” date with Jules

Dropping by the office
Manicure/shoe repair/lunch in SoHo
Dinner with Rellim/Blaser
Getting pierced (in five places, no joke)
Hookah date in East Village

Long Island during the day with Cece who’s in town from LA
Dessert in the city at night

Lunch with JM
Henri Bendel/Molton Brown/general midtown madness with self
Getting my hair cut by this man
Dinner (anyone?)
Drinks (ditto)

Cece leaves town in the AM
Lunch (anyone?)
Shopping downtown and in Williamsburg
Meeting Jules’ father (possibly)
Sayonara brunch/drinks with Jules
Leaving for JFK at 2:30pm to make 4:30 flight to Long Beach

Facebook Her: Dr. Ruth Westheimer

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Earlier this summer, I was a student correspondent for a webisode of mtvU’s new show Sex Cred, hosted by Dr. Ruth. I was happily surprised to see the following on Facebook today:

If you’re on Facebook (and I know most of you are) and have an interest in sex (and I know most of you do), then add this woman pronto. The show debuts on mtvU on September 3rd.

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