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Last Week in New York

Filed under: New York — Elle August 27, 2007 @ 12:18 am

This is a sort-of schedule for my final week in the city. If you’re in the city and we haven’t yet met up, email/call me! I’m dropping a few absentee friends a note tonight.

Cleaning and packing
“Sex and the City” date with Jules

Dropping by the office
Manicure/shoe repair/lunch in SoHo
Dinner with Rellim/Blaser
Getting pierced (in five places, no joke)
Hookah date in East Village

Long Island during the day with Cece who’s in town from LA
Dessert in the city at night

Lunch with JM
Henri Bendel/Molton Brown/general midtown madness with self
Getting my hair cut by this man
Dinner (anyone?)
Drinks (ditto)

Cece leaves town in the AM
Lunch (anyone?)
Shopping downtown and in Williamsburg
Meeting Jules’ father (possibly)
Sayonara brunch/drinks with Jules
Leaving for JFK at 2:30pm to make 4:30 flight to Long Beach

2 Responses to “Last Week in New York”

  1. Jeff Byrnes Says:

    Five piercings?! Whoa. Anything really nifty?

  2. Jenna Says:

    WOMAN… what are you getting pierced? Didn’t we discuss this?

    In other news, my first column has debuted to little fanfare (but also to little criticism… which I suppose is good):

    Enjoy your last week in the city… you most definitely deserve it. Have an extra Magnolia cupcake for me, darling :)

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