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Dinner: An AIM Conversation

Filed under: AIM, i am about as competent as a small child — Elle August 31, 2007 @ 8:09 pm

7:23:00 PM Lena: can you do me a favor
7:23:07 PM Sue: hrm?
7:23:11 PM Lena: i cant order food bc i have no phone :(
7:23:29 PM Sue: lol
7:23:47 PM Lena: dont laugh this is serious!! can you call this sushi place (212) 505-3348 and ask if they deliver to tribeca
7:24:02 PM Sue: i’m calling a sushi place across the country
7:24:07 PM Lena: yes you are
7:24:54 PM Sue: always remember that
7:25:08 PM Lena: hehe
7:25:57 PM Sue: what’s the address
7:26:02 PM Lena: ——– street. cross street is broadway.
7:26:13 PM Lena: i want a dragon roll and two spicy yellowtail crunch rolls
7:26:33 PM Sue: apartment number?
7:26:37 PM Lena: my APT is —
7:26:51 PM Sue: anythign else?
7:26:54 PM Lena: er WAIT, make it one spicy yellowtail handroll
7:27:06 PM Sue: omg
7:27:06 PM Lena: and one spicy SALMON crunch roll
7:27:10 PM Lena: WAIT WAIT WAIT dragon roll
7:27:18 PM Sue: LENA
7:27:20 PM Lena:, spicy yellowtail crunch handroll
7:27:25 PM Lena: and spicy salmon crunch roll
7:27:27 PM Lena: THATS IT
7:27:29 PM Lena: AHHHHH
7:27:33 PM Lena: sorry
7:27:44 PM Lena: i love you
7:27:45 PM Lena: REALLY. i love you.
7:27:52 PM Lena: sue?
7:27:57 PM Lena: did you order my sushi?
7:27:58 PM Sue: ….
7:28:03 PM Sue: i’m going to hurt you

8:11:09 PM Lena: okay ummm
8:11:17 PM Lena: what if i needed you to call a guy i’m supposed to have date with?
8:11:25 PM Sue: ….
8:11:27 PM Sue: drawing the line

5 Responses to “Dinner: An AIM Conversation”

  1. Malarkey Says:

    I’ve ordered food for my friend 3000 miles away before. It’s what friends are for!

  2. M Says:

    I feel like my best friend and I (we also live in different cities/states)have totally done things like this for each other before. Ahh, the bonds of friendship :)

  3. Chaste in the City Says:

    Hey remember when I called the cab driver on your behalf and arranged a dropoff time and place for your cell phone?

  4. Elle Says:

    Yeah … I’m basically useless.

  5. Jamuson Says:

    Guys in my high school used to order dinner for their friends 3000 miles away. It was no big deal.

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