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“Most Upscale Experience of Your Life”

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This Craigslist ad has been going out over email lists all night and I thought I’d post it in its entirety since the online version has been pulled:

Harvard senior seeking female companion - 22
Date: 2007-09-17, 3:37PM EDT

My final club has a reunion this fall, and my relationship of two years ended disastrously earlier this summer. I have an invitation for myself plus one, and am willing to show you a great time. It is a private party, in an extremely classy setting. There is no real way to describe how ornate the club is, but I guarantee that it will be the most upscale experience of your life. Think back to your high school prom, take away the terrible music, and multiply the experience by ten.

You must be white, 5′6″ - 5′9″, young, blonde, attractive, and intelligent. You must be in school, preferably Tufts or Wellesley but BU and BC are acceptable (definitely not MIT).

You should be able to hold a conversation, know when to be quiet, and polite in all your behavior. I have seen unruly guests embarrass members before, and I hope this won’t be a problem. This event is black-tie, and I am willing to procure an evening gown for you.
I hate to sound so harsh, but I have expectations to live up to. No Black, Asian, overweight, or unattractive women please. Ages 18-22 only.

Picture required.

18 Responses to ““Most Upscale Experience of Your Life””

  1. Fabulously Broke Says:

    He might as well post ” LOOKING FOR ESCORT “…

  2. NINA Says:

    It originally said “No Black, Asian, overweight, or unattractive women please.”

  3. Valley Girl Says:

    Its no wonder this guy has to post an ad looking for a date.

    “You should be able to…know when to be quiet.” WTF.

  4. M Says:

    “I have expectations to live up to.” Whose? David Duke’s? What a putz. I feel sorry for any person pathetic enough to actually agree to be this guy’s date. No wonder his relationship ended disastrously, he’s a first-rate douchebag.

  5. NotABostonian Says:

    No-nonsense and detailed ad.

  6. NotABostonian Says:

    What’s wrong with it? Try reading some of the CL Woman for Man ads. 90% of the ads are looking for tall, funny, and white men. The best are the ones with ‘looks does matter/have to be attractive’.

  7. Me Says:

    The point wasn’t that it was bad CL Man for Woman ad but rather that it was a supposedly educated Harvard man requesting these things.

  8. Mauro Says:

    At least he had the sense to exclude MIT girls. Everyone knows that MIT is not a place worthy of respect, and any woman who attends MIT is automatically inferior, especially to women at Tufts and Wellesley, or even BU or BC. Just ask my female officemates at MIT! (There’s no need to include a reference to Harvard; the embarassment caused by even knowing a Harvard woman is too obviously great.) But really, who likes Asians anyway? I certainly wouldn’t want to be seen with one! Polite society demands that women — I’m sorry, girls — be un-Asian and un-Black, since those types of girls are nappy-headed or socially undesirable because of their high intelligence. There’s no racism here, just prejudice and discrimination based on skin color and ethnicity. Hey, we need SOME basis for judgment!

  9. Karl Says:

    “Think back to your high school prom, take away the terrible music, and multiply the experience by ten.”

    So I’ll get drunk, puke all over the back of the limo and not remember losing my virginity until my friends tell me about it the next day? Sweet.

  10. Chaste in the Ivy Says:

    Okay. It was clearly a prank. There’s no way someone would have written that seriously.

  11. Mauro Says:

    Chaste in the Ivy,

    I share your skepticism, to some extent, but realize that just because it feels like Harvard students are decent doesn’t mean that they actually are. If they were, why would there be so much rape awareness stuff, for example? I agree that it feels like a caricature, but then again, if it’s so convincing, even if it’s false, that means something because it was believable enough.

    I remember the first time I picked up a Salient my sophomore year, thinking it was the liberal magazine rather than the conservative one, and I was sure that what I was reading was pure hilarious satire, much in the vein of this Craigslist ad but very classist rather than racist (this was 2003-2004). I soon realized that the article I was reading wasn’t satirical and that I was reading the conservative magazine. My sheltered self had thought that it was impossible that anyone could have been so idiotic, but actually, yeah, someone had written that article seriously. (The Salient isn’t nearly as entertaining anymore; as of last year, anyway, they’ve been making sense, even if I disagree with most of what they say.)

    Remember also, a few years ago, that really awful waste of trees called Scene, a very poorly-made magazine about how great it is to be rich at Harvard. I’m not exaggerating or mocking; that’s really what it was. And Harvey Mansfield, who wrote about manliness, and the Opal Mehta girl whose name I don’t remember, who plagiarized a large part of her novel, or that applicant a few years back whose offer of admission was rescinded because of plagiarism, or so many other awful things done by Harvardians. There are BAD PEOPLE at Harvard, or at least people who do BAD THINGS on purpose. I hope you never have to meet them; I luckily never really did, though I have seen my share of assholes from a relative distance in dining halls and on lists.

    So is it a fake? Hopefully. But I’m not counting on it.

  12. Kayla Says:

    Escorts are terribly useful in this situation.

  13. notanivyguy Says:

    1) most CL adds suck, this one is just funny because he wants a classy girl. newsflash-most classy girls don’t find dates on craigslist

    2)as far as shallow etc. he wants a girl who makes him look good, not a girlfriend. Can’t blame the guy.

  14. Of course Says:

    What’s wrong with it? Read the CL W4M ads and see how shallow the women can be. I think he is as much within his rights as if he walked into a bar and walked towards the girls he found attractive, and then vetted them for intelligence etc. We do it all the time.

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  18. Dame Says:

    I hope you don’t get a date, asshole

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