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Molecules of (Social) Life

Filed under: Life — Elle October 31, 2007 @ 10:35 pm

I’m seriously going to fail the Science B-47 midterm if I don’t start studying already and stop Twittering, emailing, and fucking around with this site (which broke around 6 p.m. EST if anyone was paying attention). I’m currently sitting on my numb-because-of-gym-bootcamp ass tonight instead of going out trick-or-treating. Consider the posted photo of me as “Chinkerbell” my blurry, unflattering attempt at festivity. Cannot wait for my weekend to start tomorrow evening.

The American Repertory Theatre’s stage adaptation of Donnie Darko is playing at the Zero Arrow Theatre in Harvard Square. Tonight was opening night and ZAP gave it raaave reviews (I’m sure the hors d’oevres biased him). Is anyone interested in catching this show with me? I’m pretty sure the only other people who might be interested — Terra and Sue — have already seen it or have made plans to.

Besides, I need to celebrate the end of my midterms tomorrow with something other than “Cardio Kicks” at Hemenway (post-exam exercise is so much better than a nap). Zero Arrow Theatre is right smack in between Terra and Sue’s apartment and Berry Line, my favorite frozen yogurt place. Can someone say perfect date + meet the roommates?

Also, I was too late in registering for the tickets to TechCrunch Boston again. So frustrating! I check Google Reader all day specifically so that I won’t miss stuff like this, but today I happened to be in section for Molecules of Life and thus was actually paying attention ’cause you know I do have an exam tomorrow and everything. There’s going to be one more round of tickets in early November, and I don’t care who I have to murder to get my hands on them. (Already missed PodCamp last weekend so there’s no way I’m not going to this.)

Wish me luck. By noon tomorrow, I’ll have my life back.

Please, California.

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Don’t burn down and please quit quaking. First my SoCal home, then my NorCal birthplace. All I want for Christmas is a still-standing state to go back to.

Hope everyone on the other coast is doing alright. I’ve been texting and IMing my friends the past week post-wildfires. Later this afternoon, I’ll call my father and my grandparents in San Francisco. 5.6? Could’ve been worse.

Calling All Techies (and Readers)!

Filed under: Blogging — Elle October 30, 2007 @ 11:52 pm

First off, I’m test-driving Disqus, a just-launched comment system recommended by the very knowledgeable tech blogger Paul Stamatiou.

Second (and this is NOT to detract from my very serious plea to follow), I am really starting to get into techies — and I am not just referring to Paul’s smoldering good (Greek?) looks. Computer nerds suddenly became hot as of last week. What’s up with that? Maybe we look for in others qualities we’d like to see in ourselves. And I could use some fluency in this php bullshit.

Third, someone save my website before I destroy it. A few issues I’m having with this baby:

1. My theme Dipdolt White 1.0 (designed by Darjan Panic and Brian Green) is not widget-compatible which is extremely inconvenient. I could attempt to make it widget-compatible but will probably fuck something up in the process.

2. “Preview” is broken on Wordpress 2.3 and I need to upgrade to 2.3.1. Um, I barely got out of the last upgrade alive.

3. I recently allowed readers to subscribe to my updates. I’m subscribed myself but I’m getting two emails whenever I post something. Is this happening for everyone or just me? Sorry if this is annoying you guys!

I’ve been blogging for about 14 months and I’ve learned a hell of a lot about how to use and run Wordpress. I love the fact that I still have yet to succumb to some IT person. (The longest period of downtime this site has ever experienced was just a few hours and that was Bluehost’s fault, not mine.) I may deride my own tech abilities all the time but the truth is that I’m not nearly as incompetent as I make myself out to be.

But — and this is a big but — despite all my stubborn independence, I have to admit that if I don’t start finding a professional, one of these days I probably will break something. There are some things I just don’t know and won’t ever know about programming and computers and websites unless I take a class or something (some people are self-taught, but I guarantee you I am not those people). And considering how terrible I am about these things (never backing up, dropping my PowerBook down a flight of stairs, etc.), the day I accidentally delete Sex and the Ivy is very, very near.

So. I know I’ve asked before and been really shitty about responding, but is there anyone reading who wants to be my go-to IT savior? All that’s required is a ton of patience, minimal time commitment (basically, just during periods of crisis), and Wordpress or general programming knowledge. Catch me at elle [at] sexandtheivy [dot] com if you’re interested, and let’s disqus! (Get it?)

Reach my new Disqus comment system by clicking on the post title in the meantime while I figure out how to add the comment link back. Will fix this promptly and explain why I made the jump in a soon-to-be-written post sometime after midterms, papers, and presentations kick my ass. Butt-healing scheduled for after Thursday.

UPDATE: Thanks to the very helpful Jason Yan, co-founder of Disqus, the comment link has been re-added and Disqus on Sex and the Ivy is good to go!

Anatomy of an Outfit: 10/24/2007

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So I know half my readers dislike my posts about Kate Spade, yoga mats, shoes, and general consumer whoredom. But since I’ve been fielding numerous inquiries about what I was wearing at the True Love Revolution discussion, I decided to oblige with a blog post. Forgive me?

At the discussion, this was the outfit:

Photo courtesy of The Harvard Crimson

And here’s the breakdown:

White silk cocktail dress, BCBG MAX AZRIA

Black heels with lace-up back, Stuart Weitzman

Cocktail ring, Second Time Around on Newbury St.

Coat (laying over my chair), Milly

Do You Have A Type?

Filed under: Men, Summer Guy — Elle October 29, 2007 @ 3:05 am

Because I don’t. I know it’s hard to believe. People like to declare that they’re type-less and then they tack on the criteria of “as long as he’s not a Republican.” Me? I’ve dated a Republican.

You would think that it might be tougher to date someone of a different cultural or religious background. Well, not for me. Republicanism might as well be the Christianity of a foreign land named Coulterville. I spent my entire relationship with Summer Guy attempting to ignore the fact that I was sleeping with the enemy, but at the end of it all, I learned a lot about myself. My views on race, poverty, and gay rights came out stronger, because his (facetious) challenges to them made me think critically about why I believed the things I did.

(A year and a half later, it now looks like he’s on the verge of a conversion to my god. Can’t help but feel a little smug about that.)

I was fairly non-discriminatory even before the Republican, but I think I’m even more so now. Race, religion, profession, education, class, whatever: as long as the guy’s tolerant and intelligent, none of it really matters. Just about the only criteria of late is age and even that’s rather lax (within five years of my own — and obviously, no 15-year-olds). Further, I don’t merely claim to be an equal-opportunity bed partner. I actually am in practice. Thanks to public misconception and a ton of presumption, I get quite a bit of criticism for only dating or sleeping with white guys, which pisses me off because that’s indicative of major stereotyping of Asian women. The actual racial breakdown in my history between white vs. everything else? Probably closer to 70-30, which is within five percentage points of Harvard’s actual demographic makeup.

Still, I think I go through phases — trends, if you will — during which I become fond of a certain kind of guy. For example, I’ve hooked up with three rugby players, which is pretty disproportionate for someone with only one friend on an athletic team. It’s also with bemusement that I’ve noticed my recent liking for less corporate and more creative types as well as — drumroll, please — undergrads! Crushes and hook-ups from late summer to mid-autumn include: an actor, a photographer, a couple NYU guys, four writers (three professional, one aspiring), a tech geek, a Currierite, another Harvard junior, and a grad student doing something other than law/medicine/business. A diverse bunch, but none are cubicle-bound.

So in the interest of kicking off an interesting comment thread, here’s my ideal type at the moment. He may or may not actually exist in real life.

(Also, notice that race is as close as I get to discussing looks when it comes to type. I don’t have a type in terms of looks either, though I admittedly err toward the darker-featured. Every guy I get involved with is gorgeous in my eyes … as he should be!)

Race: Unimportant
Religion: Agnostic, whatever he can get, “spiritual”
Education: In school, whether it’s undergrad or grad
Bad Habits: Poor hygiene and messiness unacceptable, drug use tolerable.
Super Powers: Enough tech savvy to resuscitate my website when I do something stupid to it, culinary expertise, and tolerance for my “quirks” (also known as “my friends”). Just kidding, I love you guys.
Other Important Stuff: He must like sushi and be well-read.

Your list?

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