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9 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Gabrielle Says:


    I am a longtime fan of your site and would love to do a reciprocal link btwn your site and mine, I have a multi-user sex blog for women. Mostly tips…

    Let me know what you think!

  2. Jackson Says:

    Dear Lena,

    I think you’re ridiculously hot and would hook up with you in a heartbeat.


  3. damien walder Says:

    Ms. Chen
    An online coincidence just led me to a review of your site (one of those mostly critical but more likely envious Blogging on Bloggers sites). I have only a few things to mention, and one of them is that your articulate, honest and rather brave work, after a mere paragraph skimmed here and there from your two sites, truly hits me at home (this is good).
    Where I am at with my own sexuality loans your writing a very compelling reason to be read in more depth. I think your work will offer me some very helpful, perhaps even better phrased questions to address the relationships I’ve had and continue to find important, if enigmatic.
    It seems many peanut gallery detractors fancy themselves your betters. They seem reactionary and rather closed to your auto-investigative approach. I just thought I’d throw in my two cents that I’ll be making time to read your writing carefully and consider your ideas respectfully. If I have any comments to make, I hope they will convey that attitude.
    DW, Toronto, Canada.

  4. juliette Says:

    Loving your blog, it’s fabulous!

    If you’d like to see how much more of a pain in the bum the whole sex-and-dating thingy is in the UK - especially if you’re a bit on the kinky side - please check out my blog some time!

    J x

  5. jaysea2182 Says:

    Hi Lena,
    This is the best written erotic writing I’ve read in ages. It’s very provocative and stimulating. I hope to see you around campus. You look great on the furry pillow. Sigh.

  6. manogirl Says:

    Re: not being able to find an inkjet printer–

    Try a library. Public or academic. We’ve got both at the academic library I work at.

  7. Miss T Says:

    Hey lady!!!

    I am a longtime fan of your site and would love to do a reciprocal link between your site and mine,…let me know what you think!! We just launched it, it’s all about our crazy dating stories in Los Angeles, they’re all true and ridiculous!

    Keep up the good work!

    Miss T

  8. Star Says:

    Your blog is amazing and I want to give you a big hug of encouragement and tell you not to take all the haters seriously. They’re scared that a women actually has sexual interests and you blogging about it opens up new doors to feminism that people are afraid to venture through. I think you’re an amazingly strong woman and a role model for women everywhere.

  9. finn Says:

    hallo lena,

    ich mag deinen blog! sexy stuff.

    grüße aus deutschland.


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